Stefano Baroni

Team & Community Building

Music is an incredible tool for team and community building.

Team Building - Circular Music - Body Music - Drum Circle
Team Building experience – Conductor: Stefano Baroni


“In the game of Music the winner are those who come together“

Before long you’ll find yourself pulling out your innate musicality, your inner rhythm and sharing them with your group to create a real circular orchestra. You don’t have to be a musician, in a few minutes you will make music with other people in a way you have never experimented before.

You will enjoy the immediate energy released by playing with other people and by hearing your sound mixed with that of the others over the beat. In making music together there is no competition but rather collaboration and mutual listening. There is no hierarchy, but everyone has an essential role in making what you are playing a special moment.

Assisi - Birba chi legge 2018

There is one word in Africa to describe this state:


which can be translated roughly with the phrase:

“I am because we are.”

CircleLand Camp 2016
CircleLand Camp 2016

The instruments used will be initially the whole body and voice, before moving on to untuned percussion (drums of various kinds, Brazilian Surdos, African djembes, shakers, agogo, etc. …) and tuned instruments (xylophones, metallophones, sounding bars, Boomwhackers which are fantastic colored tubes), all easy and super fun to play. You can choose to do only body music experiential workshops, intense and fun experience!!!

#AssaltoRitmico @ Spettacolo Aperto - Cagliari 2016
#AssaltoRitmico @ Spettacolo Aperto – Cagliari 2016

In addition to body music and drum circle that typically do not have a final performance, you can make an experiential workshop with samba instruments and create in a few hours a percussion marching band ready to perform in a addictive street parade.

The overall duration of the experiences can be arranged as needed.